Problems with the sidebar gadget


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I just started using HWinfo and when I saw the gadget feature I knew that was something I really wanted to have. So I downloaded the sidebar gadget from the website. I find it truly amazing that they don't mention in the download area that you need another piece of software (8GadgetPack) to get this gadget to work. I was completely mystified for quite some time. In my first search of the forums I only found that a few others were just as mystified and it took a more concerted effort to find mention of 8GadgetPack. The sidebar in theory does exactly what I want, but the main problem is the grey background color. This makes most of the text colors (especially the blue, red, and black text) so low contrast it is quite difficult to read (not to mention pretty darned ugly). A more minor point is that the text should be in two columns, one for the sensor name and the other for the sensor value. As it is, the single column output sometimes wraps around to the next line, making it even more ugly and difficult to read. This led me to try the HWinfoMonitor gadget which I find has a black background (in 2 columns!) with high contrast easy to read characters, especially at the larger size. As pretty as this gadget is, it has one glaring fault - it shows all the sensors (perhaps on or two hundred on my system). I really only want to see around 10 or so. The only way to shorten the list is to disable the sensor in HWinfo. But sometimes I like to go back to the HWinfo screen to see all the sensors (as I can do with the sidebar). This is a pretty ridiculous interface if you ask me. Also, I've renamed (for example) "System 4" to "Front case fan" which makes HWinfo and the HWinfo sidebar much less cryptic and more useful. However the HWinfoMonitor gadget only shows the original name - unlike the sidbar gadget which honors the names I have given the sensors. I suspect there is not a lot of development happening with these two gadgets, but if someone does plan on updating them, I hope they find my comments. Also does anyone know of a different gadget that might solve some of the issues I have mentioned? Thanks. ~Paul