"Put computer to sleep or shutdown" when specific temperature reached ?

I would be great if there is an option to do this. My laptop overheats frequently so it makes sense to put it to sleep instead of sudden shutdown. Could you please implement this ?

Unknown GPU in my laptop overheats like there is no tommorow and force my computer to shuts down at 106c, So maybe i can put my laptop to sleep before it shuts down like when GPU reaches 103c it will put my laptop to sleep , same function as it is in Coretemp but for every sensor/component like GPU/CPU/etc ?

Model - Dell N5010 - Bios A15

Let me know Hwinfo if you need any more information.

I think this has already been discussed here.
You can achieve this by setting up an alarm in HWiNFO with launching an application like "shutdown" with parameter "-s".
Thanks for quick reply!

Could you please elaborate that code thing ? I am no software engineer. how do i make application, can i make it in notepad or .bat file ? Could you please give me a example how to initiate "sleep" command instead of shutdown ? By "-s" you mean i can fill it in arguments or do i have to make additional application and execute it with the help of HWinfo "run program" function ?

You don't need to create any additional program, the "shutdown" tool should be present on all Windows system.
1. Start HWiNFO sensors, go to Configure and select the Alerts tab
2. Choose the value you want to monitor for crossing your threshold. Then select "Enable Alerting", If value >= nnn (your threshold like 103).
3. Enable the "Run a Program" option and choose the "shutdown.exe" tool, which by default resides in C:\WINDOWS\system32
4. As "arguments:" enter "-s" (without ") for a shutdown action.

As for sleep instead of a shutdown, you'd probably have to search the Internet for a tool which when run will do that action and then use it instead of "shutdown.exe".
Okay thanks you !

I've found a perfect application for this ! It's called Sleep by artem denisov.

Available to download at softpedia

Do not tick " Display window warning " ! Or application will not execute on its own!

thankyou martin!