Question about System Summary's RAM/Memory table for timings


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Hi all, I am curious about how these timings for the table were generated, especially the ones belonging to XMP:

Some background:
I have this 3600mhz(XMP rated) ram sticks that unfortunately will run in Gear 2 (Memory controller frequency runs at 0.5x of DRAM frequency) due to me using i5-12400f which has a fairly weak IMC.
Since this processor officially supports 3200mhz, I would like to run it at 3200mhz instead so it can run in Gear 1.

My motherboard is TUF GAMING B660-PLUS WIFI D4 and inside the BIOS I can only see 1 XMP 'profile' and that is the 3600mhz @ 18-22-22-42 and don't see rest of the xmp profile/frequency/timing shown in HWINFO.

This is my ram:

Were the rest of the of memory timings just extrapolated from the main XMP profile (3600mhz @18-22-22-42) ? Because if these readings were from the actual ram itself, I would assume that it'll be safe for me to set for example 3200mhz @ 16-20-20-38-57 1.35V at Gear 1. Would that be the case?

Thank you.
Yes, the remaining timings are extrapolated from the maximum XMP speed (tCKmin parameter) using the supported CAS Latencies specified by the module.