Question about vcore and sensors- GA-Z170X-Gaming G1


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Hi all,
first of all congratulations on your program as it really gives a lot of valuable information.

I had never overclocked my system ( in fact any system ) and I have been 2 months reading and reading and doing my own tests, but I have a question about vcore reading because I am close to the vcore limit.

I have read that the sensor that gives you the real vcore is the one that VR OUT (vcore) indicates "but not always and it depends on type of sensor" ;
I own a 6700K and a GA-Z170X-Gaming G1.

These are the readings :

ITE IT8628E vcore 1.392

ITE IT8792E vcore 1.386

IRF IR35201 VR OUT (vcore) 1.379

I want to go higher and wanted to know if I can have IR35201 VR OUT as my real vcore. ( I have noticed that this reading is the one that most changes in load even though my LLC is high )

Thanks a lot.
The value read from SIO (ITE IT8628E in your case) is usually not accurate or reliable enough. It might be affected by Vdroop and accuracy limitations.
So the VR VOUT value should be most accurate as this is the straight measurement of voltage provided by the voltage regulator.