[Question] Ram voltage


Hello guys !

I have a question here, i want know where is my ram voltage.
I was looking for and didnt found on hwinfo64 sensor status...
I guess is "Vccp2, is correct?

I using my ram on 16-17-17-35 and on Biostar BIOS shows 1.35v

This is my screenshot on Hwinfo64 Sensor Status:


Current Setup:

MB: Biostar X470GT8
CPU: Ryzen 5 2600
Memory: Corsair Dominator Platinum 3000mhz 15-17-17-35(xmp)
HWiNFO doesn't have dedicated support of sensors on your mainboard. Can you please post a photo of the BIOS screen showing sensor values?
I will then try to adjust it in HWiNFO.
Hello Martin !

Thats strange, because i can monitoring somethings with msi afterburner.. (but i use aida64 too)
btw, follow the link with the print on X470GT8 Bios


There, have a vertical side menu with CPU/DRAM/Temp and this section as called HW Monitor (and have a program on windows for monitoring too, but some voltages are wrong...)

And thank you for the feedback/support Martin
Thanks for the scheenshot. I will adjust sensor values for your mainboard, so that it shows everything as the BIOS.
This will be available in the next HWiNFO version, which is planned for release in a few hours.