r9 380 GPU memory usage problem


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Hello, i have problem with Memory usage gpu :

And on Sapphir trixx

what the problem? i have download last driver and no change.

thx u in advance.
Please give more details about your issue. Are you seeing high usage of VRAM with nothing running on the GPU? Is this about the VRAM error? What is the usage of this GPU? Do you play games, do you mine crypto with it?
The more details the better.

Have you tried to reset shader cache from inside drivers?

The memory loads over time, it has no impact, it's a bug. In 3 days I'll have 6500/4096MB or 150% but it won't prevent me from playing anything, it's only visual.

I don't do mining or anything else. The card is very little used.

I've tried other drivers (3 in total) but nothing works.

here is a video under Sapphir Trixx, Aida & Hwinfo, you can see that only hw bug

Hello, that's what you say everywhere, however, why only on HSW? As in the video, you can see that only HSW indicates the problem, aida and trixx does not.
Because others use a different parameter. If you'd look more closely at the HWiNFO screen (3 lines above) you'd notice it.
ok it's a great pity, I thought I saw 2017 positions and since it's not settled, it will never be settled :(

Thanks for your program :) you can close the post