Reading current temps with a script?


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Does anyone know how to read in just the current values of temps from hwinfo and use them as a variable in a powershell script?
(note: i could just use the log values, but i really don't want to have a huge log piling up when I only need the current value every few seconds)

Such an option is not available. For what purpose do you need it? There might be other ways around to achieve the goal, but it depends...
I was thinking of creating custom messages depending on temperatures and other things - for example having a script that uses speech function and states the temperature if it's above a certain amount or simple when i run it. (that being said - there is the feature to run scripts depending on reading values, but it only has one trigger so I can't have both <if (cputemp>50)> and <if (cputemp>70)>)

Another possible usage for it would be being able to read the temperature when logged in to the SSH client of the computer, but the main idea was to be able to press a button at any time and the computer would just state the temperatures.
You could setup an alarm for a threshold that will always be reached (like temp > 0). That will be called in each cycle and you can configure it to call your script and pass the actual value (%v).