Regulating fan speed.


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I have downloaded HWiNFO64 to manually control fan speeds. Laptop getting hot and cutting out.
Searched YouTube and found HWiNFO64 showing how to manually adjust fans. After installing the programme, I find there is no way I can see to manually adjust fan speed or to see if the fan is actually running. The 'fan' icon shown on the YouTube clip is not there. There is a slight sound from the area of the fan, but very faint. Have had the laptop to the computer shop for a complete clean out, but still cuts out. I have the base raised of the desk which seems to help with ventilation, especially on a hot day like today, but this should not be necessary if the machine is up to scratch.
Any ideas folks. Please keep it simple. I only went to school to eat my lunch. :shy:
You have not specified what machine do you have, but I assume HWiNFO doesn't support fan speed control there. Only a few specific Alienware/DELL machines are supported.