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Hi Martin, hope you are well!

One of my occasional feedback posts, which I know you appreciate. Basically all good news, with possibly one thing to think about.

I love the Backup User Settings feature, which is very useful for the way I use my PCs and HWiNFO. I do a lot of Layout and Custom configuration, so not needing to redo it with every new HWiNFO release is great, thanks for this feature! It works fine for me.

The custom font and ability to change sensor headings/titles is also a great feature that I use a lot. The color change option for Alerts is a great idea, and has worked perfectly. That is a significant and useful feature that sets HWiNFO apart from other monitoring programs, which seem increasingly primitive compared to HWiNFO.

Recently I added a Samsung SM951 SSD to my ASRock Z97 Extreme6 PC. The SM951 is a PCIe type M.2 SSD and is used in the "Ultra M.2" slot, using PCIe 3.0 lanes provided by the CPU. I was curious regarding how HWiNFO would detect the SSD, and if it would even be included in the various parts of HWiNFO, since it is not a standard SATA III SSD, but does use the native AHCI driver of the host OS.

I was thrilled to see the SM951 listed in the Sensor display, its temperature and Read/Write Activity data is displayed the same as SATA drives are, and seems accurate. This SSD can run warm during long benchmark testing and heavy usage, and will even throttle itself if it reaches ~90C (!!) The temperature display of this drive is important, it is mainly used in some laptop PCs, and I hope they will also provide its temperature readout to HWiNFO.

The SM951 is also shown in the Summary window, for example the last entry in the Drives list:


It's great this SSD is included in this list, which is probably due to it using an AHCI driver. But it really isn't a SATA 6Gb/s drive, and it also is not an NVMe type SSD. An NVMe version of the SM951 exists but seems to have performance problems with the MS provided NVMe driver in Windows 8.1, and may not be available in the near future.

How SSDs like this would be included in HWiNFO's Summary display is the question. IMO this is a low priority item, as the current display of this SSD is fine. The SM951's information is displayed fine in the main HWiNFO window, in the Drives section, including the SMART data. Just something to think about.

As usual, HWiNFO is the best, and handles anything that I can challenge it with!! ;)
Thank you for the interesting feedback. Yes, the drive is detected as SATA because it's using the SATA/AHCI interface.
I can have a deeper look at this, but for that I'll need the Report + Debug File for analysis.