[Request] How to use a Benchmark in HW64?

HWiNFO64 doesn't include benchmarks - they have not (yet) been ported to 64-bits.
well using HW32 now and i see that it's 32/64b so why explicity a 32b and a 64b ?? works the same ... 45 min using it, i don't see any differences ... hehe as far as i go ... :)
8GB of ram, i5 3570k should i use 64b ?? i got a doble question, my copy it's really slow starting up sensors, especially when it's searching fro my HD7850 ...
It's OK to use the 32-bit one.
Try to disable GPU I2C support to speed up the scan - assuming your GPU doesn't feature additional sensors (like GPU VR) which will not be recognized in that case.
true, i disabled I2C support and now it's starts faster than Aida ... i don't use Aida has a lot of sensors missreadings, like 12v, 3.3v ...