Request to hide more things


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I'd like to see more options to hide these things:

1) Decimal place for temperatures. All of mine display as xx.0. I don't need to see the .0 part if they're all whole numbers anyway.
2) Sensor categories. I like things to be as efficient as possible, so it would help reduce "clutter" even more if things like "CPU #0 Digital Thermal Sensor", "Intel PCH", "S.M.A.R.T.", etc. can be hidden. I already know what the components for each row are.
3) Temperature unit. No need to see °C repeatedly for each temp reading, so option to hide them would be nice for picky people like me :)
1. Yes, I can implement an option to define how many decimal places for various values the user wants to display.
2. You can already hide the entire sensors or just their values (mouse right-click -> Hide).
3. I'll consider this.
Thank you.

Sorry - what I meant by hiding sensor categories was their category titles. The only way to do this right now is to hide the entire category and its sensors below it, which isn't what I want.


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The next build released will allow to specify the amount of decimal digits displayed.