Run HWiNFO hidden ?


New Member
Hello, is it possible to run HWiNFO hidden ? (No windows/taskbar icon/tray icon)

The point would be to let software that rely on HWiNFO get what they need without using space on screen.
No, this is not possible with the freeware HWiNFO. Such an option is available only using the SDK, which isn't free however.
Okay, do the SDK work like the free version but have more options, or is it some libs i should use with something i code myself ?
The SDK has the same core as HWiNFO, but it's a DLL and you need to write your own code to utilize it.
Okay, i guess if i aquire the dll and drop it on Rainmeter's plugin folder it would not work this way ? (I know there's a plugin, but if i'm right it require HWiNFO running, and thus showing a window or a notification)