Ryzen 3950X strange temperature sensors inconsistency?


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Attached screenshot is a little period from stressing with prime95 smallest fftts (4-21k) Ryzen 3950.
I see strange temperature spikes only on one sensor - "CPU (Tctl/Tdie)" sensor. The other temperature sensors - "CPU Die (average)", "CPU CCD1 (Tdie)", "CPU CCD2 (Tdie)" are looking very consistent. So I wonder what to trust?

Currently using beta HWiNFO 6.22.4080. BIOS is latest official for my motherboard X570 Unify, (agesa
For information CPU is watercooled with EK-P360 kit.


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All values are correct, the difference is in how the values are calculated.
"CPU (Tctl/Tdie)" shows the instant temperature values, the spikes you observe are normal and should be real. Temperatures can ramp up very quickly (within milliseconds) and no fan control logic can act so fast to mitigate it, so other limiting factors are usually applied in such case.
Hence the other values (which are also preferred by AMD) are average temperature values calculated over a short interval.
Thanks Martin, I suspected that they are real. I dont like them :)

Its another topic, but I will ask - I notice that this spikes shows only when I play with mem oc and vddp voltages. Could they be related to the io die, but not the actual cores?
Yes, that's quite possible. Even though AMD doesn't state what exactly that value represents, it is believed that it's the hottest element among the entire CPU package including the IO die.