Samsung SSD 3 temperature sensors


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In the HWInfo software, the sensor infos display a very high "temperature3" for the Samsung SSD 980 Pro .
The other temperature values are about 20° lower. (cf. the screenshot below)

The temperature3 value as well as the other values grow constantly over the time and reach a limit up to >95° for temperature3 (!!), so I have to shutdown the computer.

I wonder if the Samsung 980 Pro SSD has 3 sensors. ... Normally it was only 2 sensors.
Or can this "temperature3" belong to another sensor on the mainboard?

Does anyone know if the "temperature3" sensor display is correct? The HWInfo software only says it is a "undefined temperature".

Thank you in advance for your help!

Samsung 980 Pro Temperature 3.png
usually temp 3 is the controller. The others are likely the memory
It looks like you are running the SSD without any heatsink from the looks of it ^^'
Hi LeDoyen,

Thanks for your reply. The SSD is connected with a heat sink.

In HWInfo, when I point with the mouse in this region,
at "temperature 3 (87 °C) a hover-box appears: "undefined temperature",

while at "temperature 2", HWInfo says that is is normally the "chassis", and at "temperatur" is says that it is normally the "controller"
Therfore, I am not sure where the "undefined" sensor is.
i did a little test on the two i have (970 evo and 990 pro) and temp 3 is always the controller. temperature rises quickly when benchmarking.
87°C with a heatsink sounds pretty terrible. does the heatsink have any airflow going ? is that on a tower?, laptop ?
Hi LeDoyen,
Hi Martin,

Thank you for your infos. Yes, it seems to me that it is the controller.
The computer is a desktop, but with relatively small airflow inside the case.

I found a video on youtube where someone pointed out the fact that in the 980 Pro the top surface of the controller chip is about 0.5 mm lower than the memory chip. So I am afraid that the heatsink cannot properly make contact with the controller.

It is proposed in the video to use two thermal pad parts with suitable thicknesses, e.g. 1 mm over the controller and 0.5 mm over the other part, so that it makes a smooth surface on which the heatsink can be placed.

I wonder why this problem with the "step" on the Pro 980 is seemingly so little known and actually not little discussed at all. Am I the only one with this problem?

What do you think?