Sectors written/read shown for an HDD?


Where does the info for Logical Sectors Written/Read come from, for HDDs?
It's not SMART, so some sort of Windows counters?
That comes either from SMART or Device Statistics. The latter is not supported by most other tools, but unlike SMART it's a standardized format.
What's Device Statistics?

There are no such SMART stats on the specific HDD I'm looking at (are there any non-SSDs that report it?).
It's called ATA Device Statistics.
There are many drives which support this. Please post a screenshot of the drive details in main window.
Wow, strange. Thanks!

(By "non-SSDs that report it" I meant SMART attributes such as TBW.)

For future reference, if anyone arrives in this thread looking for info, the feature has been introduced in 2008's ATA ACS-2, under Annex A, A.5 Device Statistics (Log Address 04h). In the more recent ACS-4 it's under section 9.5.

By the way, funny that they limit some fields to 48-bit, like a repeat of old times. :) Reading/writing 512 petabytes is still a lot, but it's small enough to be surpassable in the foreseeable future.