Sensor Alert Enquiry


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Scenario: Controlling PC case hinged panels automatically via HWiNFO when desired thresh-holds are reached.

I noticed this program supports running a single programs/script on a single sensor.

My scenario is this...

Inwin915 case.
Right servo with servo horn, pushrod, clevis, control horn connected to front hinge panel.
Left servo with servo horn, pushrod, clevis, control horn connected to front rear panel.
Both servos each have their own independent power supply and connected to an Arduino Uno R3 board.

I'm using 4 python scripts to control the servo angles. E.g. left 0, left 150, right 0, right 150.

Everything works perfectly, and even in HWiNFO i can set to run only one of the scripts when the RAM usage reaches a value.

Basically i'm hoping to run these scripts in steps. RAM usage reaches 30% - execute right 0 (front panel opens), RAM reaches 80% - execute left 0 (rear panels opens), RAM drops to 75% - execute left 150 (rear panel closes), RAM drops to 25% - execute right 0 (front panel closes).

Curious if this is possible please? Or possibly could be implemented at some stage.

Can i create duplicate sensors with different alerts ? or .... ?

Any suggestions would be appreciated.
Thank you so much for your speedy reply.

If i can get this working appropriately i will support your program with a purchase...
My pc runs water cooling so this setup is a kind of a vanity thing, but i could see it being useful for people running blades on their components or want to extract internal ambient air better.

I think running 2 scripts per sensor is sufficient. 4 is a bit overkill and unnecessary.
Front fans work in pull configuration, back ones push.

So my thought process is, front panel can open up on say 40% cpu usage as we know components are starting to work so some fresh air would do some good.
back panel open up when gpu temp hits maybe 70ºc (depending on your gpu) and increase some air flow. Could even increase fan rpm when both panels are open.
Then the panels just close as the usage gets to say 20% cpu and 50ºc gpu.

Just an idea i had then wanted to see if it was possible.

I was able to easily duplicate the sensor through your information thank you.

If your interested at all, here is a small clip at the very early stages using an IR remote.

I have purchased a PRO licence of HWiNFO. Thank you for all your efforts in allowing me to progress in my project.
Nice to see HWiNFO being useful for such a project :) And thanks for your support!