Sensor Auto-Log Setting Location


New Member

I was wondering if anyone knows where in memory the hwinfo program stores the filepath of where to save the csv files created? 

I have a script that edits the registry value to auto-setup the start/stop logging hotkey and I would like to include a section that hardcodes where the log files are stored so I can find them quickly but I don't know where the program pulls the info from in the first place.

I know when you manually click the button to start logging sensor data the program prompts you for where to save the file but if you use the hotkey shortcut to start logging sensor data it doesn't prompt you and the program auto-selects where to save the data. Normally that ends up being the last used location or the application startup folder, but sometimes it goes somewhere else and I'd like to make sure it just goes to one known location. 

If anyone has any idea or hint of where to look, I'm all ears!