Sensor csv Log (remove brackets, date/time format)


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I want to import the log file into access. Before I can do that, I have to modify the csv file every time, I import the file. Access can't import certain symbols in the first line "[]" which I user as column header in the database.

I already have configured the sensors in the custom tab, to remove symols like "%", "°" ...

The question is - how to configure the program to write the log file:
1. without brackets in the first line
2. date with leading zero (8.10.2014 -> 08.10.2014)
3. time with leading zero (15:31:4.945 -> 15:31:04.945)
3a. or configure the time format (15:31:4.945 -> 15:31 / 15:31:00)


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I'm sorry, such options are not available. You'll have to do a search-and-replace manually (which can be automated to some extent).