Sensor log file has content issues


I attempted to use the sensor log file to monitor for a temperature problem that I thought that I was having.
Turning on the log and generating the log file worked as expected.
Importing the log file into Excel exposed a few content issues.

Upon inspecting the generated log file I encountered the following issues:
- The header line contains the senser names, as expected, for all logged sensor readings, but the data lines contained field values for the logged sensor readings AND contained empty fields for sensors for which I had display turned on and logging turned off. This inconsistent behavior between the header line and data lines causes issues in Excel when importing the CSV file. It makes it difficult to get the headers to line up with the correct data columns.
- Header line and data lines both contain values for two readings (Core 8[°C] and Core 8 Clock) that were neither being monitored, shown, nor logged.

The content of the header line versus the data lines needs to be made consistent. I prefer the current behavior of the header lines (no empty fields for sensors not being logged).
I have attached a zip file containing my system report, my settings, and a short sample log file.

Some high points:
- I am displaying more sensor readings than I am logging (i.e., most displayed sensor readings have logging turned off).
- I have Fixed Order turned off.


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Please try the latest Beta build v7.05, that should fix some issues in the sensor log.
Also, if you make changes to logged entries, make sure to start a new logging section.
Thanks for the fast reply.
I tried the 7.05 beta. The result was different but still had issues.
1) Before I received your reply, I had retried to generate a log file. This time there were no empty fields in the log file. The only changes that I had made between the attempt that I sent you was that I had turned on the Profiling Time column, ran it for a little bit and then turned it back off. Don't really see why this would change anything though.
2) I think I figured out why the unexpected columns appeared in the log file. They were sensors which were being shown at one time, but were subsequently turned off. Displaying a sensor reading automatically turns on logging for that sensor, but subsequently hiding the sensor does NOT turn off logging. I would classify this behavior as a bug. ;-) If you automatically turn something on, then you should also automatically turn it off.
3) I have attached a new short sample log file from v7.05. The top header and data lines are now in agreement, but the bottom header lines (that show the sensor group?), still contained a blank field in the second line after the WHEA errors. field This causes Excel to generate an extra column that causes the headers and data to still not line up.

I have attached a new zip file that contains a new report, settings, and log file.


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1) Thanks for the quick reply and speedy analysis of this problem.
2) Damn, dude. It's Saturday, don't you ever take a day off. ;-)