sensor window not opening on startup


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HWiNFO is starting when I boot windows 10. But, the sensors are not being read. If I open the main window, and then click sensors, they (after a 15 sec delay) are read.

Before they are read a rainmeter GPU gadget's "Show Shared Memory Buffer" says it failed to connect. After they are read, it reports correctly.

I have checked all the appropriate boxes in the settings screen. (Min Main, Min SensorsX2, Shared Memory, Autostart)

I am also using CoreTemp which auto starts and reads fine.

So, what am I missing?
You might need to adjust the automatic startup properties via Windows Task Scheduler to make sure HWiNFO is launched before other clients depending on it.
You should also set it to start in Sensors-only mode.
Thanks for helping.

1. How do you set sensors only mode? I didn't see a specific setting for that.
2. This isn't about other clients not seeing the sensor data when they start. This is about the sensor window not being there when I open HWiNFO from the task tray. And, sensor data not being there when I manually launch the shared memory viewer.
When I open HWiNFO from the task tray, the sensor data window is not there until I launch it manually. So, HWiNFO is starting without starting the sensor data window.
If I then launch the sensors, the data shows up, and the window shows up.
1. Sensor-only mode can be enabled on the initial screen. But it might not show up if you changed other settings (i.e. Show Welcome screen).
2. What window does open when you click the tray?
You should verify the settings you have used.
Here is the complete series in pictures. Once I start the sensor window manually things seem to work properly (although I haven't gotten the GPU meter to connect to HWiNFO yet).

The first picture is what I get when I start from the tray after a boot. The 4th picture shows the sensor data is not there, Then I click on sensors and the viewer can see it. BTW, as I said, the sensor window takes around 15 seconds to start. Maybe something is wrong there.

I'm probably doing something obviously wrong.


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Well, that was simple. I misinterpreted that to mean the window would be open on the screen after startup (which is the other checkbox to minimize it)

Sorry for the noise. Seems all is well now. Just need to get the Rainmeter GPU Gadget to connect to HWiNFO now. But I don't think it is a HWiNFO issue.