Shared Memory with i9 13900KF CPU Core Clock for Goverlay and other 3rd Party


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Hello, I have a problem with sharing the CPU Sensor Data
I can't find the CPU clock of all the cores
In HWiINFO64 Pro 7.34-4930 there is the Value as Core Clock, but the data is not shared with 3rd Party, maybe because the Value is calculated by the Program ?

Is there a possibility to get the data for 3rd party programs like Goverlay ?

thx in advance

The item your refer to (group header) is not exposed via Shared Memory as this is only a value calculated by HWiNFO.
The first column (Kern Takte / Aktuell) is the average of all aggregated values in the group.
okay, like I thought

is there an option to show the CPU clock like from the Task Manager on 3rd Party Programs?
Because I can't put all Cores on the 3.5" Display :D
"Average Effective Clock" would be the closest value. But no one knows how exactly does Windows report the total CPU clock in Task Manager as such single clock value is not real. It's always some kind of average of multiple clocks.