Showing decimals for battery voltage in tray


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I had my laptop battery repacked with higher capacity cells (was: sony, cut-off at 2.8v, now: panasonic ncr18650a, cut-off at 2.5v) and now the battery controller got slightly mad. The laptop works for another 40 mins after the battery shows "0% capacity left".

I do have an idea of what the discharge curve of the new cells looks like and just keeping an eye on the battery voltage is a good solution for me, but HWiNFO only shows the battery voltage as an integer, while I really need to see the value with decimal precision. Is there a way to do it in HWiNFO?

Also, if anyone here knows any other solution with a floating bar (in the style of the good old MobileMeter that would be able to show battery voltage please let me know.
Battery voltage is normally reported with 3 decimal digits. Have you maybe changed the amount of decimal digits displayed for this item in Sensors/Configure? Can you please attach a screenshot of the sensors window showing this value on your machine ?
Yes I tried everything from 1 to 5 digits.
Decimal digits do show - but only when I place the cursor on the red icon.

Screenshot attached.
Bottom right: HWiNFO icon
Top right: mobilemeter icon

Tray icons don't display values with extended precision, since more digits can't fit into such icon.
To see items with full precision you'll have to open the sensors window, or use different plug-ins like the HWiNFOMonitor gadget for example.
Why can't the icon change its size to accommodate the number of decimals the program allows to choose? Any hope? ))

Honestly, I keep the program in memory only to keep an eye on one parameter - adding a sidebar to my Windows XP to be able to enable gadgets just to see the decimals is a bit of an overkill...