Small error, is this normal or can it be improved?


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I have attached a screenshot of hwinfo64 running for 46 hours and a few small items seem to be odd.

Namely the GPU HBM minimum temperature (1.0°C), The PSU 3.3V Power usage minimum (0.000W) and the PSU 12V power minimum (0.000W) values.

As can be seen those values are not quite right, now is the question whether this is to be expected or can there be something improved to avoid these small discrepancies.

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Occasional erratic values in monitoring of Corsair PSUs are expected as the protocol used in these devices is quite unreliable.
The GPU erratic value could be due to a conflict with some other software running.
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I am dealing with Intel concerning their iGPU drivers since their latest two versions made the iGPU clock stuck at 1300MHz, it may be a conflict because of running both dGPU & iGPU.
I am also dealing with MSI since their Bios contains a very outdated Intel management Firmware, i hope these two items will improve things once they are fixed by them.

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