[solved] Asus ROG Strix B450-F Gaming, missing values after BIOS update


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Hi there,

first let me say thank you for this awesome tool! I use it to monitor my hardware and to export important values to my G15 display.

Today i did an update of my mb's BIOS to version 2901, and some values are not appearing anymore. I also upgraded my Win10 from 1809 to 1909, but after that i still had all my values. Problem showed after the BIOS update only.

I use version 6.20-4030, but testing with 6.21-4040 had the very same result. See also attached screenshot and DxDiag for reference please, log and debug are attached too of course.

What can i do to make it working again, without downgrading the BIOS (not that i consider that a good idea ;) )?

Thanks in advance!



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This is because the new BIOS changed the way of sensor monitoring and the new sensor that's used now (ASUS WMI) is disabled by default.
Just hit the Ins key over that sensor heading and all should be well.