*Solved* GPU Making Randomly Black Screen of 3-6 secs every in a while (RTX 580 - Ryzen2600)


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EDIT: I Changed HDMI Cable to 1.4 Speed and it's working without problems. Pc on for about +9 hours 0 issues. I'll leave this here and close the thread , hope this can help someone in the future.

Hi, maybe someone can help me.

As title says, I never had this problem before in almost 3 years.

Few weeks ago i moved my pc into another desk and i think the main issue is the gpu that has been damaged somehow. I switched the HDMI cable to both ports and moved the GPU to another pcie slot.
I changed monitor and was the same.
I cleaned the GPU and applied new thermal paste.

The error reproduces from time to time randomly (if playing videogames or just watching twitch, or even doing nothing.)

I formatted windows 10 as today i read a solution on that based on a Windows 2004 error that would give graphical issue and that is not the problem.
I decided to run the HwInfo software today and i checked the logs. No idea if it's power shortage error or something else.

If someone can help me i would appreciate that a lot. *logs attached below

thank you


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