Something to be concerned about?


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Hi guys,

New user, so apologies if this is a silly question!
I purchased a brand new Lenovo for casual gaming. Just gave it it's first run (diablo 2 resurrected), and noticed it was running very hot (I know gaming systems have that tendency). Just to be safe I opened HWiNFO64 and saw that 'Turbo' was in red.
Is this anything to be concerned about?

And could I ask, generally speaking, what temperature should set off alarm bells re: running too hot? I didn't think to have a look at the sensors at the time (doh!), but I'll give it another shot shortly. Just want to know everything is working as it should be, and system isn't at a level where components could be damaged.

Thank you so much for any and all help! :)


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Turbo in red means that Turbo Boost technology is disabled. It's a bit weird as Turbo seems to be supported (judging by the Max Turbo ratio), but this definitely isn't causing high temperatures.
High temperatures are quite common for most notebooks as their cooling capabilities due to space constraints are often sub-optimal.
Thank you so much for responding so quickly!
It's really strange, as I just checked it again after reading your response, and it's now in green. Very odd indeed.

I'll do a bit of gaming shortly and see if the turbo once again turns red. Here's hoping it's just a one off and nothing is wrong.

Once again thanks for being so helpful :)