Spiking bclck


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Hi Martin

First of all thanks for the great programme and the support you give everyone on here.

The problem i seem to be having is that my bclck will randomly spike to 102.2. It seems to do this at random
and this obviously shows that my cpu is running alot faster than it should be during these "spikes". I have no idea
if it is actually spiking or something else is the cause. I want my system to be as stable as possibke. This occurs wether the cpu is overclocked and even if i set default settings so im sure that no bios setting will fix it.

Curiously other programes do show these spikes to. If i disable the periodic polling option this does fix it but as
i understand this will not show any change in bclck that occurs after stratup. So if its my motherboard or some
other device causing these spikes they will not show.

I can provide pictures and a debug report later if that will help.

Im running a 4770k(stock)
Msi z87g43 mboard
2400mhz 16gb crucial ram
windows 8.1

Thanks for your time.

Hi Matt,

I think there's something interfering with certain timers that are used to calculate the BCLK, so HWiNFO gets invalid data sometimes.
Unfortunately I don't have other solution than disabling the Periodic Polling. Doing that will measure BCLK only once during HWiNFO start. But unless you explicitly change BCLK during runtime, there's no need to have polling active.

Thanks Martin. I thought that was the case. I've got a few other things I can try and I'll let you know if I get any success.

is bclck locked at a certain value then? Only changing when altered manually?

I have speedstep disabled. Is there anything you are aware of in bios that could cause it to happen?

Thanks again for ur help.