Starfield and hwinfo64 bug.


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So i started playing starfield with hwinfo64 open on the side.

After 4.5 hours the game crashes to desktop and when i look at hwinfo64 it reports a gpu memory usage of 199,xxx GB, yes 200 GB and it remains in use according to hwinfo64.
Meanwhile windows taskmanager reports a normal vram usage. Closing hwinfo64 and reopening gives the same 200GB vram in use. Restarting the pc resets the reported vram usage to normal in hwinfo64.

Today i start the game for the second time with hwinfo64 open and i notice immidiatly the reported gpu memory used starts climbing steadily again, windows taskmanager reports a stable 10 gig used, hwinfo 64 keeps reporting a climbing number, at this point i just closed hwinfo64. This is not the first oddity this hwinfo software is showing.
Which GPU do you have and which exact GPU memory usage value is that (there can be multiple ones).
this is with a 7900xtx.

today i did not run hwinfo64 during gaming but started it afterward and i got this result: GPU memory usage...
Screenshot 2023-09-02 104237.png

windows taskmanager reported about 10 Gig vram used during gaming and went back to normal after the game was closed. Something strange with hwinfo64.
Using AMD driver 23.8.2
This value comes from AMD drivers and is often unreliable which is not our fault.
For AMD you should better rely on the GPU D3D Memory values.
Alright, i did send amd a bugreport about this too when i noticed this.
Strange though that windows taskmanager reports that same value but there it is correct...
Maybe you are just using a wrong value. It would not surprise me seeing how many values hwinfo tries to show, in the past it was easy with just a few sensors but now everything seems to have a sensor.
Some serious overkill right there.
The GPU D3D Memory value in HWiNFO should match Task Manager and it's retrieved using the same method.
"GPU Memory Usage" is read using a dedicated method provided by AMD.
New hwinfo64 , new amd driver 23.9.1, the problem still remains the same, hwinfo reports a gpu memory usage that does not come down ever, only grows. It just goes up until the pc is rebooted.
This only happens with games, when i run cinebench 24 for instance it takes all 24GB vram and when closed it comes back down in hwinfo64. Just not with games.
Maybe it's windows hcvi suddenly causing this ? That would be rather strange when it didn't do that before.
I reported it twice to amd but as ussual i don't think they give a damn.
I'll have to keep sending reports daily till they ban me for being annoying about their incompetence. :)
As I already said - it's a problem of AMD, they are responsible for this value. I'm not surprised they don't care, it's quite usual unless something is critical....