Strange charge rate behaviour?


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Hi All,

I have a strange problem, regarding charging on my laptop. I've put HWiNFO64 on it, and all the time the laptop is charging, the "charge rate" field is showing around a whopping 625,000mW (625W!!) - this would suggest my 10.8V battery is being charged at about 58A, which I am quite sure would have cremated it very quickly! 25,000mW would be a more realistic figure, not 625. I tried a couple of battery monitors too, they show the same figure. However the battery does take roughly the normal amount of time to charge (about 2 or 3hrs).

So anyway, obviously this is completely wrong, but coincidentally when I click on the battery icon in notification area, it will say "1 minute until fully charged" (regardless of the battery's current charge), or simply "until fully charged" with no number before it at all.! Or sometimes just "plugged in, charging".

Has anyone else had these issues? Are they perhaps related? All I can find online so far is that the "1 min until charged" issue seems somewhat common on windows 10 machines.

Lenovo G780, Windows 10 Home.
625W is indeed too much. I believe that this is an issue in the firmware/BIOS and I suggest to contact Lenovo about it, they might fix it with a new BIOS update.
Yes I contacted them, however the G780 has not apparently been tested for windows 10 and they therefore cannot support my query. I have however updated the bios recently, which didn't fix it, but then again it's still listed as being for windows 8. (and because the bios still contains a windows 8 product key it causes my mobo to show up in info programs as "Lenovo Invalid")
I don't think that's a Windows 8 issue, as the battery functions (EC / ACPI) should be universal for all later OSes.
I think from what I've been reading it could be something funny with windows 10 and my hardware, as a number of people appear to be getting the 1 minute until fully charged message.
It's not the only issue. Another (unrelated) problem is my wifi LED stopped working in windows 10 too, despite the wifi working ok. Not the end of the world, but highlights another possible mis-interaction with hardware?
Interesting, I've just installed hwinfo64 on my much newer win10 laptop (toshiba) - which also had win8 on it originally, and the charge rate is reporting properly.