Strange VCore Readings 5800x3d


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I have an MSI B550M Mag Mortar and a 5800X3D. I've been playing around trying to figure out what the motherboard sets the LLC value to when it is on Auto or Default. I've been using the CPU Core Voltage (SVI2 TFN) as my baseline, from what I've read this is the accurate voltage to use. Since I have an X3D I have no VCore options in my BIOS.

I've noticed two strange things:

The first is in most all LLC modes my core voltage goes UP by some amount. Mode 8 seems to be the only mode that allows some droop which was negligible (1.201 idle vs 1.198 load, average voltage).

The CPU Core VID which I read is what the CPU is requesting is typically higher than what the CPU Core Voltage SVI2 value is. I figured this would be the other way around. Is this all normal behavior?
Below you will find a lot of info regarding 5800X3D by people who actually using the CPU. Its behavior is quite different from the rest 5000 line.
The more you read the better for you.