Strategy MMORPG


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It's been a while since we'd have a great strategy MMORPG like Darkfall or EVE Online. Crafting, city building, large-scale PvP, territory conquest... There are 3 MMO in development that feature strategy elements :

Crowfall: Somewhat sandbox, medieval fantasy. Factions (12 gods) and guilds battle each others in time-limited campaigns. Complex crafting, deep character customization, frequent change of characters, different types of maps (personal player-built maps, PvE, PvP). Estimated delivery: weeks

Camelot Unchained: Mostly sandbox, medieval fantasy. Three realms fight each other in an eternal war. Moving isles, block-by-block construction, in-depth crafting, extremely large-scale battles, non-mirrored classes, procedurally-generated maps. Estimated delivery: months

Dual Universe: Sandbox, sci-fi. Organizations cooperate and wage war to control the universe. Single shard universe with million(s) of players, multiple unique planets, player-built spaceships and buildings, voxel-based terrain. Estimated delivery: months

If you want to try them, they're all currently in Beta.
You were not mistaken for an hour? Here they are somehow engaged in hardware, not advertising.:)