sudden shutdown


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My system has sudden shutdows when hwinfo is running.
There is no warning the power just goes off.
i didnt see anny patern in the time point when it habbens, sometimes xits as soon as 10 minutes after system start, sometimes not in 1 day of runtime.

Bevore the current stable i used the beta and it did not shutdown if i had debuging enabled; but did when debuging was off.
Now with the stable it also does with it enabled.
there is no crash log.

The problem started end of last year i think with the fall update of windows 10.
I did lots of new installs of windows, the shutdown did not go away.
Also older versions of hwinfo show the same shutdown, it must be something with the fall windows update.
(maybe something with the driver for my mainboard or the threadripper?)

Im sad i cant use this great tool annymore, but sudden shutdown are not something i can live with.
Unfortunately the attached Debug File dosen't indicate any issue and it looks like you produced it during a successful run.
Can you please try create a DBG file during which it shuts down?
You might also try to disable some options (for example Drive Scan) to see if that will help.
I turned off the drive scann (i only have m.2 pcie) and since its ok.
Will the debug file be usable if hwinfo has autostart? or will it be overwitten when it starts automatic again after the shutdown?
Exactly as you assume - the Debug File will be overwritten during the next boot after crash if you have Auto Start enabled.
So if you want to capture the crash in DBG, you'll need to deactivate Auto Start.