[Suggestion] Hide certain columns for certain values


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Hi! First of all, sorry if this has been asked before – but i'm new here! I tried looking around and asking the search, but couldn't find anything related.

Ok, here we go… I have set my window to show Current, Maximum, and Average values. However, there are a few entries where Maximum or Average make no sense and only end up cluttering the window.

Look here:

It makes no sense to show "average total MB downloaded", for example. Likewise, SMART errors only need to show a yes and no ONCE.

So i'm asking, is there a way to do this, or to add it in a future version? To hide certain columns for certain values? I don't want to hide the columns entirely – obviously – as it is still useful with CPU-speeds and temperatures. (I've only hidden these for the screenshot above).

You're right, it makes no sense to show an average of those values. Currently it's not possible to selective hide only those values, but I'll look at how to do this. Perhaps it might be hidden by default for certain values as I don't expect any user would want to see them.