Support to read CPU temp from a GL518SM (AOpen AX6BC)


I have a AOpen AX6BC which has a GL518SM Microprocessor System Hardware Monitor. MBM 5 and the native temperature app is able to read the CPU temperature but not HWiNFO. Is it possible to add support? I much prefer just to use HWiNFO so I can uninstall MBM 5 and the native app :)

Please attach the HWiNFO Debug File with sensor data so I can check this in detail.
Here you go! I grabbed 2 debug files. What's strange is HWiNFO is not even picking up the "System" temperature anymore. I wonder if MBM5 or the native app is doing something to stop HWiNFO from working.


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Hmm, looks like the SMBus is stuck. Could be caused by either of those tools. Try to reboot the system without the other tools running.
Also, is it possible that the "System" temperature reported in HWiNFO is the CPU? Because we can't determine where that sensor is located.
I've rebooted multiple times and uninstalled the other 2 software packages but it's still broken.

I'm confident the 'System' reading is the chipset temperature. If you look at the screenshot you can see the other 2 apps are reporting a different value for the CPU temp.

I'm going to reinstall Windows 98 tomorrow to try fix the SMbus issue. I'll grab another debug file when thats done and report back.
It's strange as the GL518SM according to datasheet can monitor only 1 temperature and 1 voltage.
Yet, the Genesys tool seems to report 4 voltages.
Perhaps also the temperature reported has some additional offset between HWiNFO and others..
Ok I have some more information. I formatted the machine and reinstalled Windows 98. However, I found that HWiNFO was causing the problem with the sensor below disappearing.


As soon as you enable debug mode, HWiNFO is no longer able to read the sensor above. The only way to re-gain access to the sensor is to disable debug mode and reboot the machine. I can open and close HWiNFO as many times as I like (and the sensor works everytime), but as soon as debug mode is enabled, I can no longer see the AOpen sensor. Something else to note, is the hard drive SMART sensors all disappears when using debug mode.

Is there a debug mode for debug mode I can enable?

Edit: I've attached a debug file where HWiNFO was running (and able to see the sensor), I then enabled debug mode. I'm guessing the debug file attached won't be of any help.


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Thanks for the new build. The good news is the sensor for SMART is still working after debug is enabled but the AOpen sensor is still disappearing until I disable debug mode and reboot. Attached are some updated debug files.


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Thanks. I can see some improvements as the DIMM SPD was also read now.
But still it seems the GL518SM sensor can hold the SMBus busy when attempting to read some registers.
I will try to fix this but probably there's nothing else I can do for the CPU temperature. You might try to add an offset in HWiNFO to match the value you see in other tools.
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Ok no problem. I appreciate you trying to help. If you have any future builds you need testing, I'm happy to help out :)