Switching off RGB lightning on MSI Gaming X 1660Ti


When I open the application, it turns off the rgb on my graphics card (MSI Gaming X 1660Ti)

Can you solve it?
Thanks for the feedback.
Unfortunately the attached Debug File doesn't contain sensor data. Can you please run again, open sensors for a few seconds before closing HWiNFO and then attach a new Debug File?
Thanks, but the Debug File you produced isn't from build 3714 I posted above.
Are you sure you have tested that build ?
But the Debug File you posted was using build 3710.
Please run again the build I posted above (3714) and let me know if it's still causing the issue. If yes, please attach Debug File with sensor data using that build.
I have just tested build 3714 on another system and it works there. So I'm pretty sure this build fixes the issue.