Taskbar corner icons - missclick


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Hi, i klicked the button "Add All Items To Tray" by mistake. Has anyone an idea how i can clean up my Taskbar icon list in Windows?

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hwinfoScreenshot 2023-03-15 215844.png


I figured it out, the Taskbar Notify items are now stored in

Computer\HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Control Panel\NotifyIconSettings

I manually had to delete every entry. took me half an hour.
I hope this can help someone, too.

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Hi !
Thanks for reporting, I got just the exact same problem :( !
took me more than half an hour to write this small script, but hey...

Start a powershell console and paste this to get rid of ALL HWiNFO64 icon that ever existed in your tray (event currently active ones):

Get-ChildItem -Path "HKCU:\Control Panel\NotifyIconSettings" | where-object { (Get-ItemProperty -Path $_.PSPath -Name ExecutablePath).ExecutablePath -like "*HWiNFO64.EXE" } | foreach-object { Remove-Item ("HKCU:" + $_.Name) }