Temperature 3, 65º??


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Hi, i use Hwinfo64 bits for mi system Windows 7.
I see all the correct temperatures, except "Temperature 3"
When I'm playing i can see CPU in 51º, GPU Thermal Diode 68º, Motherboard 39º, but i can see Temperature 3 in 65º, i wonder what it means that temperature and if I worry

My Motherboard: GA-970A-UD3 (Rev. 1.0)
Cpu : FX6100
GPU: R9 280 dual X 3gb oc
Power supply: Xtrike power 600w plus bronce

I must worry about the temperature 3?

Many Thanks
I think that temperature is an invalid reading from a not connected sensors. Is GIGABYTE EasyTune reporting such 3rd temperature? If not, it should be ignored.
As far as I know there are so involved channels: Temperature 1 - motherboard, Temperature 2 - CPU, Temperature 3 - Northbridge

By the way, a quick control "plausible - is lying" apply all repairmen and developers of schemes - which values and know where to wait, or the scheme, or if the concept or mode table no, estimate and what's supposed to be for a given element base? Typically, an error in the assessment of not more than 10% - 15%, well, that's enough to immediately understand what was happening. :)