Titanium PSUs and HWiNFO


Is the Corsair AX1600i the only Titanium rated PSU that has the data connection and is thus supported by HWiNFO?

HWiNFO supports Corsair AXi/HXi/RMi series, Thermaltake DPS, Enermax Digifanless, GIGABYTE AORUS, MSI Ai1000P/Ai1300P. But I never checked which of those is Titanium.
Thanks for the response, Martin!

I'm looking now. It appears that the 1600 watt Corsair is Titanium 80 PLUS rated. The Thermaltake Toughpower DPS G RGB 1500W is, too.

The Cooler Master MasterWatt Maker 1200 Plus and MasterWatt Maker 1500 Plus seem to have a digital software control feature that might make it potentially compatible with HWiNFO, but I can't see how the software works.

This is disappointing. My old Corsair AX860i now works great with HWiNFO. I was hoping to get a new 1000 watt or so Titanium 80 PLUS PSU for a new PC I will be building with HWiNFO in mind.

Does anyone have recommendations for a 1000 WATT Platinum or Titanium rated PSU that is compatible with HWiNFO?
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