Too many CPU temperatures


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Hello there! I'm new to the forum and I’ve been using HWiNFO for a few days.

My question is related to the CPU temperatures indicated in the sensors window.

In the CPU section there are:
- "CPU (Tctl)" that goes from a minimum of 3°C to a max of 24.9°C
- "CPU Intera (TSI)" (in English would be "Whole CPU (TSI)" I guess) that goes from 52°C to 73.9°C

In the Motherboard section, there is the entry "CPU" with a value of 35°C


I don't know which value is the right one and since I've just changed the thermal paste the temperature should be quite low. Before changing it the "CPU Intera (TSI)" was very high, with a max value of 90°C.

My processor is the AMD A10-7860K and the datasheet says that the T_j_max = 71.3°C (for more info here there is the documentation).

Thank you in advance for all the answers! :)

Thank you Dalai. I guess I will take the CPU value in the motherboard section as the more reliable temperature value.