Tray fonts are ugly


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In my opinion the tray fonts are ugly.  I've just switched over to using HWiNFO to monitor core temps, load, and frequencey from Core Temp because Core Temp does not support dual CPU systems with high core count (lack of NUMA support...)

The fonts used for the tray icons are MUCH better in Core Temp.  Here is a screenshot:


Notice that the fonts are nicely rounded and match the system clock quite well.  Also, there is no dynamic resizing, yet the "100" fits in there quite nicely.  Note that you can also change which font (the typeface and the size) in Core Temp' s settings.

Here is the equivalent from HWiNFO (using transparent icons to try to match the look):


Notice that the font here is "raggedy" because there is no anti-aliasing, and the "100" looks funny and out of place because it is in a smaller font.  I understand from another thread that the font is "raggedy" because the developer thinks anti-aliasing should be off for the dynamic resizing feature.  But what is the point of that feature?  Maybe it is needed for other sensor info that I haven't included here?  I would prefer the ability to control all these things - whether dynamic resizing is on or off, what font to use and the size (if dynamic resizing is off), and whether anti-aliasing is on or off.  Then I could fine-tune the way my tray icons look and I wouldn't have to put up with the rather ugly result here.

What do others thing?  Upvote/downvote including these options in a future version?
I agree with you. I believe there's a problem in rendering of icons which causes AA icons don't look good with transparent background.
This shall be looked into in future..