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After this update, on each reboot or PC startup and doesn’t matter how many times I will repeat this by unhiding them, the same core# tray icons are hidden in the system taskbar, this was always working nice before update.Untitled.png
Showing/hiding of tray icons is fully maintained by Windows, applications have no control over this.
Can you please list the details which Core# items are hidden and which shown? Perhaps a screenshot before and after reboot might be useful. Anyway, I'm not sure if I can do anything here.
Why this was never the issue prior to this update, so it has something to do with update. Anyways I will post what you required in few min.
Here are the screenshots of before and after reboot. Cores # 1,2,3,4,6,8 are always hidden.

I went back to previous release 7.00, problem is none existent, after # of reboots all icons showing as they it is the update I hope we can agree on that;)

For testing purposes I have installed this release on my other PC and I'm not surprised to experience the same issue..rolling back to 7.00 until this gets fixed.

This wasn't the case prior to update and even rolling back to v7.00 totally eliminates the issue. Your comment “Anyway, I'm not sure if I can do anything here" It’s not encouraging as far is feature updates and licensing renewal.

Tray icons that's all I relay on and If I have to keep adjusting thank you


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Please also post a screenshot from the sensors window showing full names of the CPU Core temperatures in v7.02. Do you notice some change in their names between 7.00 and 7.02?
Here is side by side view of the sensors v7 and 7.02.
I truly hope this can get fixed.
Thank you


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Windows shows or hides icons based on the application and the icon names. If sensors names changed, the "new" icons will be hidden by default, but can be shown permanently via the Windows notification icon settings (don't know the exact wording in English).


I hope for future reference this can help.

I have cleared preferences and started from scratch by adding icons to system tray, they seem to stay now after reboot, so I will change colors and sizes to my preferences and will be all good. Seems that the backup reg file from v7 and new version 7.02 not playing nicely by not keeping the settings intact I presume due to some bigger changes within new version.
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Windows shows or hides icons based on the application and the icon names. If sensors names changed, the "new" icons will be hidden by default, but can be shown permanently via the Windows notification icon settings (don't know the exact wording in English).

You are misunderstanding the issue.
Update @ Martin

I further tested on several of my office systems and all experiencing the same thing, Its definitely a bug that need your squashing.

Didn't work. After adjusting my colors and size it started doing it again, same cores are hidden. Also I know this since I updated while sensors screen is open my screen blacks out/ flickers just for second and goes away, but once again, this wasn't present prior to any of the updates.

Something isn’t right with this release, rolling back to version 7 until this gets sorted out.

FYI. reason I'm pushing this is because I was considering few more licenses as I have # of workstations at mine and my wife's office, this just threw me off the excitement, so for now I’ll chill.
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@ Martin
After me posting my findings e.g. Installs on several different systems, going back to older version do you still think this is not related to the new release? It would be nice to hear some sort of acknowledgement for my own reference and whether waiting is option at my end.

Thank you
Patience please. I'm looking into this and tons of other e-mails, requests, queries, reports, questions.
Thank you for your response

Sometimes I forget I'm not the only one:oops: My Apology
Thank you
I'm trying to understand what exactly is going on here, but can't see anything that would be directly influencing the placement of tray icons in the last version.
So this seems to be rather something indirectly affecting it.
I also noticed the order of icons is different on your screenshots - in v7.00 there seems to be an icon of a different application in the middle.
Are all the temperature values in your tray from HWiNFO only or perhaps some other app as well ?
You also said that after resetting preferences in HWiNFO it seemed to work initially and that during the first run of v7.02 the screen was flashing and disappearing. That could indicate an issue in custom sensor configuration, which could be triggered with this update as it introduces some new items and grouping into the sensors screen.
My proposal would be to try again to Reset Preferences and first try to only assign icons to tray and test if that will persist. Then proceed with further adjustments to configuration and check again.
The only other icons are from Hard Disk Sentinel PRO (3 disks) first 3 values, they are slightly razed from the rest on the left, rest are from HWiNFO.

If I would to reset preferences and select and sent the specific values to a tray at their default settings it works OK, but as soon as I will define colors and size that's when things go wrong. Tray icons is one of the main reason I have chosen HWiNFO, the ability to resize them to my liking is much more flexible.

As I mentioned earlier I have # of systems and some are clean from other software, they are fresh windows install and after installing HWiNFO 7.02 and upon resizing icons things go exactly the same way.
This was always working flawlessly without single glitch until now.
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This is an interesting observation. Can you further narrow down what's causing it to go wrong - changing colors or font size?
Weird... am I the only person who’s reporting this o_Oor perhaps, no one else finds it useful to have certain of their system info readings in tray and they aren't aware of this issue :confused:
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I have an idea what might be causing this in the last version. Let me do some more tests and post a new build soon.
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Thank you for trying to get to the bottom of it. This is portable so I’m not quite sure how its loading all icons upon PC reboot because I have to start HWiNFO manually each time PC reboots and that’s when the issue arises, but maybe that’s all you looking for to pin point the problem, if that’s the case, it does load all icons properly.
Thank you