Trying to find out something in the report

I have a problem with my power supplier. They often deliver voltage that is way too high for my liking (like over 250V) so with Aida64 I have a report going 24/7, writing the voltage to an excel file every few seconds. I can't find Excel support in HWInfo, which I can live with, but worse is that I can't seem to select which sensor I want to log. Is it possible? If so, how do I do it?
HWiNFO can log every sensor to a CSV file that can be imported into Excel. It is also possible to select which items to log in sensors settings.
I know it can do CSV, but that isn't Excel, it can be imported, yes.

When I got to the next stage it was a tick-box for sensors, nothing more, no drop-down list like it was for the others?