UEFI in green but not present


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hwinfo64 v5.79-3390 portable

In the System Summary screen next to my bios, it has "UEFI" in green.

My bios doesn't support UEFI. If I boot into my bios, I have no uefi/legacy options at all anywhere in the settings.

In hwinfo if I go to motherbord > smbios dmi > Bios, I see:
UEFI Specification Support: Not Present

What further info do you need from me?

SMBIOS DMI information is often not reliable, there are also other indicators used to determine UEFI support.
Which mainboard do you have?
This is a 01HXXJ Dell board, BIOS version A05.

Windows 10 has also determined that this does not have UEFI capability - I used diskpart to clean the disk of all partitions, converted it to GPT, then installed Windows 10 Home. When I finally got back into Windows, it had installed as MBR. I did this a number of times to check I was doing it correctly, and verified that the disk was converted to GPT before I started each time. Windows just created the MBR and Windows partition, and none of the UEFI partitions.
Then there are probably some invalid indicators in the BIOS that confuse HWiNFO (probably some sort of pre-UEFI partial support).