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Hey guys, can someone explain me, how you can make possible, that HWINFO and my pc is not crashing in ULPS? Because after some hours i got an crash with AIDA64 - and that is something i cant explain to myself. So what do you guys make in another way?
Hi viperdsl ;)
I do it the same way as Fiery does now and I can only confirm what he said already ;)
Oh so you guys are communicating - sorry i thought that you don't talk to each other ( in this world this is normal that people dont talk ) - but is interesting isnt it? So i will go on Beta Testing - i think the solution is somewhere out there.
Well, the issue you see is not surprising due to the nature of how ULPS works - I wish it was not so, but AMD has left us in the dark... Disabling ULPS will certainly solve those problems.
But how much more energy would that need. Since yesterday i have an interesting thing ( on both programs ) when they are in the background i got stucks on sound in nearly every game - do you know about this? Would it make sense to switch to windows 10?
I'm not sure what would be the power consumption difference, but I guess it won't be too much.
As for the lags, try to disable some sensors in HWiNFO, especially the S.M.A.R.T. ones (select sensor heading, right-click and choose Disable Monitoring) to see which one is causing it.
I am thinkig of changing to Win10 - but i am unsure...

Update - it was the reading of the Hardisk Sensor... and the Funny thing is - i now have less Problems with my ULPS or Powersafe. Could that be?
OK, so one mystery is solved ;) It's the storage driver that causes extensive lags when being asked from drive status (S.M.A.R.T.). It's a common problem on many systems and sometime a driver update helps.
Hard to say about the ULPS problem, it would require extensive testing. But I believe that as long as ULPS is active, the issue will appear sooner or later.