Unknown sensors readout after some period of time


I've problem with my sensor readout on my second system with MSI Z690 Unify-X board. After some period of time, but especially after playing games I've lots of motherboard sensors with either 0 values or some other strange max values (probably max readout for that sensor). If I do not play games some sensors will pop out but nothing like when I play games.
I've attached debug file and screenshot of those readouts.
Also, sometimes sensor readouts from Corsair AX1600i show ups even that I've disabled them, due to know problem between AX1600i and HWInfo. But they show up just as non monitored item. Any idea why and to prevent this?



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This might be due to a collision with some other monitoring or tweaking software. Are you also running such software?
Have you maybe performed a system suspend/resume? That might also be a reason.
Try without Afterburner if the problem will happen too.
Another reason might be an anti-cheating technology implemented in some games that interferes with hardware or applications accessing it.
I just had short gaming without Afterburner and so far no problems. But I'll do more tests

I do not use suspend/sleep.
First I'll do additional test with Afterburner off/on and then I'll do test with latest beta. I'll post update when I'm done with testing, thanks
After few shorter gaming sessions, I can say that I do not have this problem if Afterburner/Rivatuner are not running.
Afterburner should not be accessing those devices that show the erratic values, so a collision is unlikely. Are you perhaps using it with some plugin that might be reading those sensors too?
I'm usning AB to OC GPU and then with Rivatuner is used for OSD info from AB and Hwinfo. I'm not using any plugin, at least not to my knowledge. Can you tell me I can check if any plugin is running?
I got this problem again. But this time is only happening under Windows 11. On Windows 10 everything is working OK. Only difference between Win 11 and 10 is Aquacomputer service, but even stopping this service do not help.

This time problem is first with DDR5 RAM sensors, they firstly start displaying max values and then they completely disappear from HWinfo and PC it self. Them motherboard start displaying all kind of inactive sensors.

On both windows I've tried multiple HWinfo versions and no difference, Win 10 is working fine but Win 11 is playing up.
Cause for this problem is OpenRGB. I had it just auto start to switch colors as I want and then it was closed automatically. But even for short period of time it was enough to cause havoc. Do you have any info about compatibility problems with OpenRGB? Thanks
Indeed, many RGB controlling tools cause problems with other tools accessing sensors/SPD via SMBus.
That's because the RGB tools lack synchronization mechanisms allowing them to play nice with others.
OK, here is the latest update. Again I've having same problem. But this time only with motherboard showing inactive sensors. RAM sensors are working just fine. It looks like that something else is causing problem with motherboard sensors only. Is there any way to find what is causing this, except manually stopping one by one programs/services?