Unknown sensors readout after some period of time

I'll use old screenshot, as I didn't made last one. Please ignore that this is screenshot with old 12900KS. Problem is the same like on this photo, only with motherboard sensors, circled with red color. This second problem is not happening too often and it is hard to track what is causing this.

In BIOS I've changed from CPU temp to System temp to be displayed on debug code LED. If I'm not wrong I head that this can cause polling problem if it is setup for CPU temp. I cannot disable this feature in BIOS it has to display some temp, which is strange.

Unknown sensors.jpg
Is there any other way to find which software is causing this collision? Or only why is to manual stop software to start and then monitor HWinfo?
I still have not found what is cause of this problem.

But I've found something else. If I power off my PC for few hours/over night on next start up this problem will start almost within 1 minute after booting up. But if I restart/power off->power on then I do not have this problem any more. This is so strange, as if any program is causing this problem, then it would do same thing after reboot. But that is not happening. Does this help?
Hmm, that could be it. The BIOS doesn't properly restore registers (LPC configuration) after a Suspend/Resume sequence (S3). So this might rather be a problem in BIOS.