unreal engine settings optimizations


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the monitor windows is very cool with its side-duplication [ may be a load & save could be added ]
i use it when i play a game to check temps
while i was playing latest batman , that has a lot of troubles with pcs .
after editing few settings in the ini , gameplay is better , unreal engine 3 has a lot of settings for memory and D3D .

may be the monitor of hwinfo could check settings and optimize them for the player and its computer ?

here are links for official doc

two pages showing basic changes :

the two guides does not talk about the memory settings .  hwinfo and its monitor know the "truth" and can maximize memories use  [ cpu and gpu rams ] with monitoring sessions , checking the changes effects at next play  .

that should be only positive for the gamer and its computer , i think that should also be very easy to do and add to hwinfo

beside the batman games , there is also mafia2 that uses the engine and also physx , cars .
player is in cities as a driver and there are no loading except when he goes inside a  building
I'm sorry, but performing such changes is definitively not a task for a tool like HWiNFO.
i do not think so...a game that has plenty of available settings , plus uses at max the cpu and gpu [ plus the ram and hd ] is a top software for windows...
i understand you are not having time or energy to do that...but latest batman is no more sold because of bugs...so if you make a tool that can change the game and make it playable...you ll be very rich soon...i mean that is a nice way to advert your work and hwinfo...not sure there will be a second chance so easy to catch ...