Update doesn't work


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Hello, i got a notification that v7.37 is available. When i go to the download link, it downloads v7.37, not v7.36. When will this problem be fixed?

Thanks. :)
Sorry but that statement doesn't make sense to me. What's the problem?
When i start the HWiNFO program, i got a message saying a new update is available.

When i click on "Go to download site", it opens this webpage: https://www.hwinfo.com/download/

When i click on this:


It downloads hwi_736, instead of hwi_737:


In other words, it says version 7.37 is available, but the download button downloads version 7.36, not version 7.37.

You understand what i mean? Sorry for my bad English. :)
Version 7.37 is Beta so you need to download it via the respective button under the Portable version (Download latest Beta...).