User Configurable Min/Max Sensor Range?


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Came across this thought when perusing across some sensors and heavy stress-burning my PC to pin down the source of some instabilities. Such a system overhead at the time caused long probe delays resulting in the occasional sensor misreads such as 65545rpm on an unused fan sensor/header. There was a thread where the thought of 'filtering out invalid readings' would be put in regarding some ATI sensors (which while I don't have - I'm sure others do).

This sparked the thought that perhaps there could be a user configurable option in the sensor configuration menu instead to save from developing specific filters for each case. Any values reporting outside a set range would either be 1) simply ignored or 2) capped at the set value min/max though the latter seems a better idea unless both options given. An option like this could be good for those who may intend to base off certain reading for automated system actions and preventing false readings from causing false triggers of such automation's.

Just a thought of course but figured I'd toss it out there for those that may desire it.
This is an interesting idea. However I think such user-controllable option might cause a lot of confusion among users if used improperly.
Thus, I'd currently like to keep such filters internal and manage them. Just tell me which invalid values have you encountered and I'll insert them into the filter.
*nods* Fair enough as it was nothing more than a thought I'd pitch your way. I have no requests at all for any filters but appreciate asking about it.

To avoid user confusion, I was thinking more along the lines of options manually entered through the INI rather than through the interface. This way those unknowing wouldn't accidentally enter options for ranges and scratch their head thinking it's a problem with the program rather than themselves.