User research - DDR4 modules with temperature sensor (Min Max Average) statistics


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At my system I am using best DDR3-2400, no problems at all with Z87X along a high end, Gigabyte motherboard.
Jedec 1600 - XMP 2400

I am up to explore DDR3 operating temperature by the use of external sensors, along quality electrical test and measurement equipment.

Some new DDR4 modules they come along with implanted (on-board) temperature sensor chip.
I am after user based reports of (Min Max Average) statistics , when your system this is used at gaming for two hours.

From my tests: PCB motherboard temperature sensor, this is the slowest to get at peak value, and I did measure approximately 40 minutes so this to fully heat-up.
My PC case this is well ventilated and includes hand-made improvements.

With Ambient at 28C, MB sensor (SYSTEM) this is at 31C (system idle for 30 minutes - internet browsing).
Then Gaming starts ....
within 10 Minutes : 36C
within 36 Minutes : 37C (average)
Peak : 37C

DDR4 modules with sensor, they should be similarly behaving.
They are a smaller in dimension PCB after all.

Anyone interested to deliver such feedback, he should use the computer at normal gaming for an hour, and to record this session with hwinfo.
Suggested sampling 5000ms
And then to attach the XLS for us to review.

Note: Start recording, wait 10 seconds = system idle values to be recorded, then start gaming.

Thank you.